Monday, January 7, 2008

Week of 1/7-1/11/2008

Monday: The History of Advertising. Read the Fallacy handout for Wednesday.

Tuesday: Lab 438B; work on fallacy handout, which is due Wednesday. Make copies for the class or give to me early in the day. Bumper stickers due.

Wednesday: Bumper sticker presentations: SCIFF, audience, purpose. Overview of fallacies. Begin teaching individual fallacies. Period 6: POW due.

Thursday: Teach your fallacy. HW: Handout: Logical Fallacies.

Friday: Logical Fallacies. Exercise: "Why No One Should Pass AP Language." HW: Read "Love is a Fallacy." Also, read handout on Multiple Choice items.

Next week: Multiple Choice Madness!

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