Saturday, February 23, 2008

Week of 2/25-2/29

Well, this snow day really throws things off but we need to be flexible.

Monday: Scholarship Application: finish your essays for Monday. Room 438.

Tuesday: Sell your word! Hopefully we will finish all of the speeches. If not, we'll adjust. You will write a paper on your word; I'll give you the assignment Tuesday. It will be due Friday. BNW Questions due (see last week's assignment).

Wednesday: Begin discussion of BNW issues. Read chapters 3-6 for Monday, March 3. POW due: Period 2.

Thursday and Friday: Continue discussion of BNW. Remember to read the novel for its rhetorical elements and its points of argument.

Friday: Save your Word paper due. Homework for Monday: Read Chapters 4-6 in BNW.

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