Sunday, June 1, 2008

Week of 6/2-6/6: Yes, it's really JUNE!

Monday: Discuss up to page 213. (Period 2: I will have to leave for a meeting. Do a good job without me.) HW: Read p. 214-238.

This is what they're putting Cash through...

Tuesday: Discuss p. 214-238. Read 239-261 (finish the book!)

Wednesday: Discuss the ending. Work on motif analysis.

Thursday: Motif tracking posters are due and will be presented. Period 2: Hand in your AP service project if you think you might be exempt from the exam. If not, wait until Wednesday, June 11, to present in class. See me on Friday to find out if you're exempt. Period 6: Project due Monday; presentations Mon-Wed, 6/9-6/11.

Friday: Senior Fun in the Sun Day! See you on the Slip 'n Slide!